• I don't see a camera template that matches my model. What should I do?
    If you don't see a template that matches your new digital camera, you can create your own.

    If you are using VR Worx 2.5.3 or earlier:
    By simply reading the specifications off your cameras accompanying literature, you'll be able to create one or more templates depending on your camera. All you need to know is the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lens and image size your camera can shoot in, for example, 480 x 640, 768 x 1024, etc. To find out how many images to capture, use the information in the table below (See How many shots do I need to capture to create my panorama?) Once all your settings are set, choose File, Save As and in the Save As Type drop down box choose The VR Worx Panorama Template. Name the file and save it to an easily accessible folder. The same principal can be applied to the Object module as well.

    If you are using VR Worx 2.6 or later:
    Use the Lens Tuner utility to create a custom preset for your camera/lens combination. The Lens Tuner empowers you to create your own preset regardless of what make or model camera or lens you use (with the exception of circular fish-eye lenses). Follow the tutorial on how to create a preset. Once the preset is saved, it will appear in the Setup Panel preset list.

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