• How do I use the 'Dewobble' effect?
    The Dewobble effect allows each view of the object to be shifted slightly to compensate for any “wobbling” phenomenon that may appear in the final QTVR movie. This effect is useful when an object has not been perfectly centered on a turntable. Three different axes are available, which the Dewobble effect can adjust, X, X’ and Y. The Y-axis is only available for multi-row objects. Also, the X and X’-axis are only available fore multi-column objects, which have a 360° horizontal sweep. The Y-axis refers to the object’s position, relative to the center of the arc of movement, that the camera follows when shooting a multi-row object. In such cases, if the object is not centered on the Y-axis, the object may appear shifted towards the top or bottom, at the vertical extremes of the object movie. To apply the Dewobble effect, the first step is to enable it by checking it and highlighting the word “Dewobble”. When enabled, two views of the object appear. Each view is offset horizontally 180° from each other. A marquee selection appears overlaid on top of the two views of the object. The objective is to adjust the marquee selection rectangle so it perfectly encompasses the object in each view. The handles may be used to adjust the width and height of the rectangle. Clicking in the center of the rectangle allows its position to be relocated. A different selection rectangle is maintained for each axis. Initially, the X-axis rectangle is displayed. The X’ or Y-axis rectangle can be defined by first clicking the proper Axis icon, then repositioning the rectangle. If a given axis does not need to be adjusted, its marquee selection rectangle should be left alone. Once the selection rectangles have been drawn around the object, for each axis that needs an adjustment, the software then calculates the amount that the object “drifts” during its 180° rotation, and thus, offsets the image, to keep the object centered.

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