• How do I use the 'Center' effect?
    The Center effect allows a new image center to be defined for all views of the object. This effect is useful when an object was perfectly centered atop a turntable, but was not framed perfectly in the field-of-view of the camera. To apply the Center effect, the first step is to enable it by checking the box next to it and highlighting the word “Center”. When enabled, a “cross hair” appears, overlaid atop the view image. Clicking and dragging the center of the cross hair allows its position to be moved. Feedback is provided in the Center Point field, showing the current center point of the image in pixels. Each frame in the final movie is offset horizontally and vertically in order to make the newly specified center point the true center point of the image. For example, if the source imagery is 320 x 240, and the new center is specified at 165, 114, each image will be shifted 5 pixels to the left and 6 pixels down in the final movie.

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